What to Know About 'The Vow,' NXIVM and Allison Mack's Trial

It’s hard to reconcile that Allison Mack, the former CW star currently facing prison time for her involvement in an apparent sex cult, spent 10 seasons playing Chloe Sullivan, Smallville’s intrepid reporter with a heart of gold.

10 Pop Hits That Could Be 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode Titles

Every single Grey’s Anatomy episode shares its name with a song title—even “1-800-799-7233,” the episode named after the National Domestic Violence Hotline. So with that in mind, we’ve combed the current Billboard Hot 100 for pop hits that could be the namesakes for Season 17 episodes, and we’ve even dreamt up loglines for these imagined episodes. (Don’t worry—we’re not going anywhere near “WAP.”)

NBA Stars’ ‘Group Economics’ Jerseys Bring an Important Message to the Court

This summer, amid outcry over the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor — along with countless instances of police brutality — nearly 300 customized their jerseys with the phrases “Black Lives Matter,” “Say Their Names,” and other statements decrying the United States’ rampant racism. If you’ve seen Jabari Parker, Anthony Tolliver, or Andre Iguodala, though, you may have wondered about these NBA stars’ meaning of their “ Group Economics ” jerseys.

Critics Decry President Trump’s Ban on Critical Race Theory Trainings

Critical race theory — or CRT, for short — trended on Twitter on Saturday, Sept. 5, as users reacted to the news that President Donald Trump ordered federal agencies to stop funding trainings on both CRT and white privilege. Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought revealed the decision one day earlier in a memo to the heads of executive departments and agencies, calling these trainings “divisive, anti-American propaganda.”

Gender Affirming Surgeries Are Being Delayed or Canceled Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 13, the American College of Surgeons recommended hospitals across the country minimize, postpone, or cancel all scheduled elective surgeries because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many hospitals took that advice and shed certain procedures from the books, many transgender people were left with devastating setbacks as gender-affirming surgeries were canceled or indefinitely postponed as the question of which procedures are “elective” looms.

Attn: filmmakers, we need more than ‘little moments’ of LGBTQ visibility

This Internet was abuzz this week that the news that Kristen Stewart’s character in the new big-screen reboot of Charlie’s Angels is “definitely gay.” How will viewers know that secret agent Sabina prefers the company of women? Apparently, there’s a “little moment” in the film. Elizabeth Banks, writer, director, and star of the film, tells PrideSource: So much of the time, “little moments” of LGBTQ visibility are all fans get. Think of Josh Gad’s “exclusively gay” LeFou sharing a two-second da

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