10 Worst Series Finales of All Time

We certainly don’t envy TV writers tasked with bringing shows to an ending both surprising and inevitable — as the adage goes — or at least satisfactory to fans. But we’re having a hard time forgiving the show-ending sins on display here: misplaced fan service, dangling plot threads, implausible twists, anticlimactic reveals, and behind-the-scenes pettiness.

King Charles III Coronation: 4 Takeaways From the TV Event

“I come not to be served, but to serve.” So said King Charles III, the United Kingdom’s monarch, at his and Queen Camilla’s coronation on Saturday, May 6, at London’s Westminster Abbey. It was a rainy day in the U.K. capital, but thousands of Brits braved the elements to get a glimpse of their new king and queen at Buckingham Palace and along the mile-long procession route to the abbey. In London’s Trafalgar Square, however, the royals didn’t get such a warm welcome…

10 Declassified Facts About 'Mission: Impossible,' Which Ended 50 Years Ago

Covert operations, shadowy government agencies, foreign intrigue, technological wizardry, masters of disguises, heist-like action, self-destructing tapes — Mission: Impossible had it all. Oh, and that iconic theme song, of course. With the Mission: Impossible finale a half century behind us — and the next installment of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible film series only months away — here are 10 facts about the making of the TV show. (Don’t worry — this intel won’t self-destruct anytime soon.)

7 Wild Oscar Campaigns That Could Have Only Happened in Hollywood

Moviegoers might think that Hollywood talent wins Academy Awards by merit alone, but often, nominees live or die on Oscar night by the effectiveness of their awards-season campaigns. In fact, you can probably thank million-dollar campaigns for Crash beating Brokeback Mountain for Best Picture or Shakespeare in Love beating Saving Private Ryan. Here’s a recap of Oscar campaigns that were so wild — so tireless, tricksy, or downright tacky — they could only have happened in Tinseltown.

10 Most Hallmark Titles From the History of the Channel's Countdown to Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for Hallmark Channel executives! We’re honoring Hallmark’s holiday programming and also roasting it like a chestnut on an open fire with this chronological list of the most Hallmark titles in Countdown to Christmas history. If our eyes happened to land on these titles in the pages of TV Guide Magazine, we’d know right away we were looking at a Hallmark Channel listing.

Young people are coming out in huge numbers. These families found beautiful ways to support their kids.

Paria Hassouri and her husband were thousands of miles from home, on vacation in Thailand, when they got a call from their daughter’s school. A teacher told them that Ava, then 13, was questioning her gender identity. During Ava’s coming-out experience, Hassouri educated herself about how best to support her daughter. Other parents are trying to do the same, as children and teens are opening up — sometimes even earlier in their lives — about their placement in a galaxy of queer existence.

Gender Affirming Surgeries Are Being Delayed or Canceled Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 13, the American College of Surgeons recommended hospitals across the country minimize, postpone, or cancel all scheduled elective surgeries because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many hospitals took that advice and shed certain procedures from the books, many transgender people were left with devastating setbacks as gender-affirming surgeries were canceled or indefinitely postponed as the question of which procedures are “elective” looms.

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