Ranking 'Grey's Anatomy' Seasons, From Worst to Best

We’ll always tune in to ABC on Thursday nights for more Grey Sloan Memorial drama, but also wax nostalgic for the show’s Seattle Grace Hospital era. With this current 19th season potentially being Grey’s Anatomy’s final season, here’s how we’d rank the other 18, from worst to best.

10 Most Hallmark Titles From the History of the Channel's Countdown to Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for Hallmark Channel executives! We’re honoring Hallmark’s holiday programming and also roasting it like a chestnut on an open fire with this chronological list of the most Hallmark titles in Countdown to Christmas history. If our eyes happened to land on these titles in the pages of TV Guide Magazine, we’d know right away we were looking at a Hallmark Channel listing.

Find Out Where 'Wednesday' Falls in Our Ranking of 'Addams Family' Films & Series

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re coming back to tee-vee — the Addams family! With genre-TV faves Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) as creators and Tim Burton (Beetlejuice) in the director’s chair, the new show Wednesday tells a different kind of Addams Family story. So where does the series rank among other adaptations of Charles Addams’ cartoons? Here’s how we’d rank all the film and TV efforts, from the delightfully kooky to the altogether ooky.

'Firefly' Ended 20 Years Ago: Some Facts You Might Not Know

December 20 marks a dark anniversary for sci-fi fans. On that day in 2002, Fox aired its last episode of Firefly — which, due to scheduling shenanigans on the network’s part, was the pilot episode of the series. And though the show met its end on Fox after 11 episodes — with three installments left unaired — the Browncoat fandom lives on. In honor of Firefly’s “fancible” legacy, here are anecdotes from the show’s production history.

24 highly relatable tweets on the agony and ecstasy of the gay gym crush

You strike up a conversation with an attractive man at the gym. Your heart soars! Then a woman joins him, and the two hug. Your heart drops. He tells you she’s his bestie. Your heart soars! Then you notice his cargo shorts. Your heart drops. But when you follow each other on Instagram, you see the jockstrap selfie he just snapped in the locker room. Your heart soars! Scrolling down, you also see the photos of him and his boyfriend. Your heart drops. Then he tells you they’re looking for a third…

20 TV Stars You Maybe Didn’t Know Were Nepo Babies

In a viral post nearly a year ago now, a Twitter user tweeted her surprise that Euphoria actor Maude Apatow’s parents are Leslie Mann and “a movie director” (read: Judd Apatow). And ever since, social media users have been combing through Hollywood family trees in search of other “nepo babies” (aka “nepotism babies”), or celebrities who arguably owe some of their success to their famous family members.

Attn: filmmakers, we need more than ‘little moments’ of LGBTQ visibility

This Internet was abuzz this week that the news that Kristen Stewart’s character in the new big-screen reboot of Charlie’s Angels is “definitely gay.” How will viewers know that secret agent Sabina prefers the company of women? Apparently, there’s a “little moment” in the film. Elizabeth Banks, writer, director, and star of the film, tells PrideSource: So much of the time, “little moments” of LGBTQ visibility are all fans get. Think of Josh Gad’s “exclusively gay” LeFou sharing a two-second da

Gender Affirming Surgeries Are Being Delayed or Canceled Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 13, the American College of Surgeons recommended hospitals across the country minimize, postpone, or cancel all scheduled elective surgeries because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many hospitals took that advice and shed certain procedures from the books, many transgender people were left with devastating setbacks as gender-affirming surgeries were canceled or indefinitely postponed as the question of which procedures are “elective” looms.

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