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In Defense of Getting Personal at Work

The cult of "life-work balance" wants us to think that some people have their life and work in perfect equilibrium. (Probably the same mythical people who "have it all.") But it also promotes the idea that "life" and "work" are separate spheres of one's existence. Part of that fallacy is semantic—are we not living "life" while at work?—but the bigger issue is the idea that we have to check our personal lives at the front door of our workplaces. Apparently, we can't bring our whole selves to work

Does '13 Reasons Why' Do More Harm Than Good? The Debate Rages On…

A new study offers evidence that 13 Reasons Why may heighten suicide risk among young viewers, and that new development has reignited questions that have plagued the Netflix series from its release two years ago: Does the series glamorize suicide? Does it unwittingly encourage “suicide contagion,” or copycat suicides? And why didn’t the first season include positive portrayals of productive mental health support?