Hollywood Speaks Out Against 'Live' Guns on Set After 'Rust' Incident

After a prop firearm discharged by Alec Baldwin on the New Mexico set of the Western film Rust killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza on Thursday, October 21, Hollywood heavyweights spoke out about the use of “live” weapons on the set of movies and TV shows. The Rookie showrunner Alexi Hawley, for one, told his coworkers in a memo on Friday, October 22, that the ABC cop drama will only use Air Soft guns — a type of gun that uses pellets instead of bullets.

Happily, “Happy Birthday to You” Is in the Public Domain Now

Until recently, including the “Happy Birthday” song in public works wasn’t such a happy experience for the musicians and filmmakers who realized that a music publishing company owned the rights to “Happy Birthday to You.” But that all changed in June 2016, when a federal judge signed off on the settlement of a copyright case, ending Warner Chappell Music’s ownership of the song and ushering it into in the public domain.

Tommy Dorfman talks the “magic” of trans generations

Dorfman’s profile in the pages of TIME this July was less coming-out and more clarification. “It’s funny to think about coming out, because I haven’t gone anywhere,” she said. “I view today as a reintroduction to me as a woman, having made a transition medically.” A week after the TIME reveal, Dorfman sat down for a cover story with InStyle and detailed how trans generations are “a little different” as she praised her trans elders.

Why Did It Take 30 Seasons for ‘DWTS’ to Feature a Same-Sex Pairing?

Hit reality competition Dancing With the Stars will break new ground when it returns for its 30th season. New ground for Dancing With the Stars, that is. After 29 seasons and 336 contestants, the show is finally featuring a same-sex pairing—as similar shows have done for years—now that Dance Moms alum JoJo Siwa is set to dance with a female partner this fall. Yes, that makes one same-sex duo after 336 heterosexual pairings. That’s representation of just under 0.3 percent.

Why Have TV Networks Turned Against Nielsen Ratings?

For decades now, television shows have lived and died by Nielsen ratings, since those viewership statistics have traditionally helped TV networks determine which shows to renew and cancel for maximum ad revenue. But now there’s bad blood between those same networks and Nielsen, with accusations that Nielsen has undercounted viewers during the pandemic and, in a late-breaking development, a push to take away Nielsen’s accreditation.

20 Fun Facts About 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood,' Which Ended 20 Years Ago

Two decades after Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood ended its record-breaking run, who among us wouldn’t wish for just one more beautiful day in the neighborhood? Or, perhaps, one more trolley ride through the Neighborhood of Make-Believe? The PBS show aired its final episode on August 31, 2001, after 31 seasons of public television, during which host Fred Rogers gently guided children through important life lessons—after changing into his cardigan and sneakers, of course.

Attn: filmmakers, we need more than ‘little moments’ of LGBTQ visibility

This Internet was abuzz this week that the news that Kristen Stewart’s character in the new big-screen reboot of Charlie’s Angels is “definitely gay.” How will viewers know that secret agent Sabina prefers the company of women? Apparently, there’s a “little moment” in the film. Elizabeth Banks, writer, director, and star of the film, tells PrideSource: So much of the time, “little moments” of LGBTQ visibility are all fans get. Think of Josh Gad’s “exclusively gay” LeFou sharing a two-second da

Gender Affirming Surgeries Are Being Delayed or Canceled Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 13, the American College of Surgeons recommended hospitals across the country minimize, postpone, or cancel all scheduled elective surgeries because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many hospitals took that advice and shed certain procedures from the books, many transgender people were left with devastating setbacks as gender-affirming surgeries were canceled or indefinitely postponed as the question of which procedures are “elective” looms.

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