White Men (No Surprise) Are Overrepresented on Our TVs: Nielsen Report

It’s a good time to be a cisgender white male working in television. New research from Nielsen shows how cis white men continue to be overrepresented on TV to the exclusion of other groups, especially women of color.

Jesse James Keitel Makes TV History With Their Role in ‘Big Sky’

It’s a big deal for any actor to land a starring role in a primetime television series. It’s a bigger deal when it’s a series from TV mega-producer David E. Kelley of Big Little Lies and The Practice fame. But when you’re network TV’s first nonbinary actor in a leading role — as Jesse James Keitel is with the role of genderqueer musician Jerrie on ABC’s Big Sky — that’s historic.

In an Oval Office Meeting, Trump Reportedly Discussed Imposing Martial Law

Will Donald Trump declare martial law? The president suggests he’s not, but he reportedly asked about the idea in a meeting with advisors on Friday, Dec. 18, as he seeks to reverse his loss to President-elect Joe Biden. In an appearance on the right-wing network Newsmax, the recently pardoned former national security advisor Michael Flynn pushed for Trump to impose martial law to “rerun” the election.

'Helstrom's Demise Is the End of an Era for Marvel Television

Hulu’s Helstrom didn’t make much of an impact during its brief life — critics never warmed to the series, and its swift cancellation this month suggests viewers didn’t either — but with that show gone, Marvel closes one chapter of its television legacy. Helstrom was the last live-action production of Marvel Television, the now-defunct company that gave us superhero shows on ABC, Fox, FX, Freeform, Netflix, and Hulu.

Can Trump Self-Pardon? “He Can Try,” a Legal Expert Says

Before he leaves the White House, President Donald Trump could follow the lead of other lame-duck presidents and use the time to issue federal pardons under Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution. But can Trump self-pardon to protect himself from possible criminal prosecution? That question is a legal quagmire that came up nearly 50 years ago during former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, and it’s coming up now as investigations into President Trump continue.

Quibi, We Hardly Knew Ye: 6 Highlights From the Streamer's Brief Run

If Quibi wasn’t a brilliant experiment in streaming television, it certainly was a bold one. Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and CEO Meg Whitman thought Quibi and its “quick bites” of content were the future of television—the startup was even called NewTV at first—but the $2 billion venture couldn’t cut it in the streaming wars. Still, Katzenberg and Whitman did do some things right. Here’s a recap of their successes—including Quibi’s celebrity roster, its Emmy victories, and even its eleventh-hour move to TV sets.

A Beginner’s Guide to Nordic Noir: 7 Series to Stream

Scandinavia isn’t all hygge and happiness. The region is also known for startlingly grisly crime dramas. Introducing “Nordic noir,” a crime fiction genre that has crossed over from the printed page to the screen—and from Europe to the States. If you want to dive into the genre, we’ve rounded up some prime Nordic noir examples currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. You might want to don your chunkiest sweater and light a fire in the fireplace, though—these series will chill you to the core.

Gender Affirming Surgeries Are Being Delayed or Canceled Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 13, the American College of Surgeons recommended hospitals across the country minimize, postpone, or cancel all scheduled elective surgeries because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many hospitals took that advice and shed certain procedures from the books, many transgender people were left with devastating setbacks as gender-affirming surgeries were canceled or indefinitely postponed as the question of which procedures are “elective” looms.

Attn: filmmakers, we need more than ‘little moments’ of LGBTQ visibility

This Internet was abuzz this week that the news that Kristen Stewart’s character in the new big-screen reboot of Charlie’s Angels is “definitely gay.” How will viewers know that secret agent Sabina prefers the company of women? Apparently, there’s a “little moment” in the film. Elizabeth Banks, writer, director, and star of the film, tells PrideSource: So much of the time, “little moments” of LGBTQ visibility are all fans get. Think of Josh Gad’s “exclusively gay” LeFou sharing a two-second da

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