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Our Obsession With Long Hours Is Only Widening the Gender Pay Gap

In 1974, as a recent New York Times article points out, sociologist Lewis Coser coined the term "greedy professions" to describe jobs that "seek exclusive and undivided loyalty.” At the time, however, long hours weren't glorified as they are now. People who worked 50 hours or more a week four decades ago were paid 15 percent less per hour than their 40-hours-a-week peers. Now, according to new research, people working 50 hours or more a week are paid 8 percent more than those working fewer hours.

Daniel Franzese posts hot pics to remind us we’ve been ‘sleeping on the big boys’

Daniel Franzese’s recent series of shirtless selfies is “more [than] a thirst trap”; it’s “a protest,” as he wrote on Instagram. The Looking alum — armed with the hashtags #visableequalsvaluable #aboveaveragemen #movefashionforward and #effyourbeautystandards — is campaigning for the media, and society in general, to stop “sleeping on the big boys” and start normalizing and sexualizing men of size.
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