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Tell Us Your TV Faves, and We'll Tell You Which New Shows to Watch

When it comes to the 2018–2019 TV season, everything old is new again, and we’re not just talking about the reboots and revivals of shows like Charmed, Roswell, and Murphy Brown. Many of the series you’ll see on the broadcast lineup this season will feel awfully familiar — because their premises are surprisingly similar to TV shows of seasons past. But the upshot of those parallels is that we can make confident recommendations based on your small-screen tastes.

FYI, Meredith Grey Has a History of Regrettable 'Grey's Anatomy' Hookups

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) was married to a McDreamy husband, but her romantic life beforehand and afterward hasn’t exactly been the stuff of envy. A recent promo for Grey’s Anatomy shows her in a state of undress with Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) of all people, and she might be just as embarrassed about the encounter as fans are horrified at this new pairing. Here’s the scoop on that and the rest of the hookups she’d probably prefer to forget.

7 Most '90s Things About the 'X-Files' Pilot, Now 25 Years Old

Twenty-five years ago this month, the world met Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), the brilliant and “spooky” FBI agent who not only catalogued but “wanted to believe” in paranormal phenomena, and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), the doctor-turned-agent whose skepticism the Bureau entrusted to keep Mulder in check. The X-Files debuted on September 10, 1993, to decent ratings and favorable reviews. So how does that very first episode hold up?

These 10 books were challenged for their LGBT content (and are thus awesome)

Banned Books Week, an annual celebration of literary freedom and a condemnation of censorship, will be held between September 23 and September 29 this year with the theme “Banning Books Silences Stories.” Three pastors in Maine, however, apparently took that theme more as an invitation than as a warning and wrote a letter to a local public library demanding the removal of a Banned Books Week display featuring LGBT-centric books (and, ironically, Fahrenheit 451).

Trailing Partners in Academia Face Unique Career Challenges

Being the partner of an academic is not too dissimilar from being a military spouse. Both of these groups must often follow their significant others to unfamiliar locations, which can result in fewer suitable employment opportunities. Due to lack of access to flexibility, specifically location variety and location independence, these trailing partners are often forced to “opt down” into lower paying, less challenging positions, or leave the workforce entirely.

Small Changes Can Make a Huge Difference When It Comes to Inclusivity

50,000 teens with Autism graduate from high school or age of out school-supported services every year, according to a 2016 Autism Speaks report, but 66 percent don't seek employment or higher education within the next two years. In fact, nearly half of all 25-year-olds with Autism have never had a paying job. Those stats reveal a distressing reality: These individuals are going from highly-visual learning environments to text-heavy work environments ill-equipped for neurodiversity.
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